Catspaw Authentic Entertainment - v ery special entertainment for special events. Check out our workshops - especially the range of story workshops. Or make your party an event to go down in history with one of our shows from the Dark Ages, Medieval, Viking, Elizabethan periods. Our wedding listings offer something a little different for stag and hen and wedding entertainments.








For weddings we have a number of offerings:

Shows such as the Dark Ages Feast with it's full medieval entertainment can be tailored to fit around your special day. Ideal for weddings our musucians have toasts for the bride and groom and the rest of the entertainment weaves around your food and photographer and other extras.

The Elizabethan Masque is fantastic for a wonderfully classy themed wedding and by it's very nature is unique, created in consultation with you and can even feature roles in the show for the bride and groom.

Many of our individual entertainers or musical offerings are suited to weddings - string quartettes, harpists, jugglers, storytellers and we also have contacts for creche facilities to allow the adults to have full enjoyment of the entertainments.

Other specific wedding related offerings are:

Wedding stories - selected romantic tales of couples and families, some with a cautionary or lesson imparting element to head couples off on the best possible footing for their future. Make traditional folk wisdom a part of your special day for your happily ever after. Available with musicians or your choice of other Catspaw performers.

We cater for a different kind of stag night with the Story Stags - heroic tales of adventure and action for those who want someting with a bit more class than a drunken night with strippers or other more regular stag nights

Hen nights - have a great night with the girls with belly-hen a belly dancer to perform for you and then lead you all in learning a simple choreography or chose to have a tender and romantic night with words of love, with hentales an evening gently interspersed with romantic poetry performance and stories of love and devotion, longing and passion.