Catspaw Authentic Entertainment - v ery special entertainment for special events. Check out our workshops - especially the range of story workshops. Or make your party an event to go down in history with one of our shows from the Dark Ages, Medieval, Viking, Elizabethan periods. Our wedding listings offer something a little different for stag and hen and wedding entertainments.


As we believe in honesty we like to keep this information here. We have been running since early 2004. Although we are still relatively young many of the Catspaw stable of acts are all fully experienced in their own fields often with 10 to 20years professional experience . Some show's and bands have been running for well over 10 years already, other even more

June 2017 IMPORTANT EMAIL UPDATE We've had redirects up for well over a year and been sending people automatic replies, the old addresses are going now. It served us well but should serve us even better and at a fraction of the cost.

Spring 2016 and we are moving from to as the costs of the other domain are unnecessarily high.

Spring 2011 a nice couple of years have passed and things are ticking over, new acts have joined us, some of our performers have even been on TV.

Spring 09: A new push to publicise the Dark Ages Feast having added new elements of historic ritual and ceremony and songs making it ideal for weddings.

Winter 08: Catspaw is to focus largely on promoting the DAF and the Talesman.

Upgrading systems caused more problems than the relocation ever did, and the web site is now due a complete revamp.

Winter 07: Catspaw hopes to relocate from the SE to the SW with little if any effect on business (since it's carried out remotely anyway and performers are all over the country still).

Autumn 07: More new acts added to the web site and explorations made into wedding show (see the special wedding offerings)

Summer 07: Added a number of new acts to the books including a couple of morris sides and a few new musicians. Also featured at CIAO festival again along with other great events. Wonderful divinator Beygir Kara and Marisa our Snake Dancer played private party in Hampshire. Childrens story and song party with games and more...

Spring 07: Many new acts to audition - increasing number of circus performers

Autumn/Winter 06: Musicians supplied for promotional work at large conferences

Summer 06: Presence at various festivals and private events. Drum workshops, musicians, storytellers etc

16+17 September 06: Musicians and storyteller at Chiltern Open Air Museum for Lilliput Lane fair

7-10 June 06: Various performers contribute to Childrens International Arts Organisation festival at South Hill Park

March 06: Catspaw organising a couple of different fun historic workshops for English Heritage Education department in the SE.

March 06: Show offerings all renamed to make it more historically accurate - The original Dark Ages Feast is now the Peasants Pageant, our medieval show and the title Dark Ages Feast has been accurately transfered to an evening of stories and more from the dark ages. We have also added viking and elizabethan entertainments/full shows to our repetoire.

March 05: Belly dance and Dark Ages Feast enquiries take over the Catspaw mail server. Also: Catspaw start working with a great walk about theatre group and add a selection of new acts to the offerings.

January 05: Catspaw NEAC membership accepted. January 19th Catspaw officially starts trading full time.

September-December 04: Catspaw suffers slight setbacks as officeproblems result in 4 months unable to work and a number of months catching up on the backlog.

August 04: Catspaw presence at Bunk Fest, Wallingford. (Sound Engineers at The Corn Exchange gigs)

August 04: Catspaw first gig - providing live drummers for a belly dance party

August 04: 11th and 12th Catspaw presence at Broadstairs Folk Week alongside the Here Be Dragons gigs

August 04: Catspaw gets a web presence at long last

July 04 Catspaw adopts standards of Agents Association of Great Britain & National Entertainments Agents Council.

June 04 Catspaw gratefully receives support from Inbiz and Business Link (Hants)

March 04: Catspaws remit rapidly expanded to include creation of new shows as well as selling the long runing and extremely popular Dark Ages Feast

February 04: Catspaw originally came about due to the number of musicians who are excellent at their music, but not very keen on selling themselves. A frustrated musician with good administration skills set to work: the sales skills are bypassed as we do not believe in forcing an act on a venue or individual whom they are not right for. We rely on our own genuine enthusiasm for the acts to sell them by infection