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Let The Travelling Talesman captivate you with his Northern European tales, and then use them to explore the essential elements of good storytelling. Focusing on details, building characters and crafting tales with over a dozen years experience. With longer sessions storybones give everyone a chance to create their own stories, in shorter session a story is created as a group. Four different storyworkshops each with worksheets available. Available for adults or children. Fantastically inspiring for anyone with a pinch of imagination.

Book a more than one itterations of the same workshop for similar groups on the same day at no extra cost!

There are 5 story workshops: 0 stories for the smallest ones, 1 Introduction to storytelling/Create-a-story, 2 Creating individual stories with storybones, 3 exploring traditional tales, and 4 The Complete Storyteller workshop day.

Story workshop 0: Stories for the smallest ones

For reception classes and younger children (5s and under) we recommend a fairly straightforward storytelling session. Some Q&A can be incorporated but they are best engaged and stimulated by being told straightforward traditional tales. (Can be mixed in a multiple booking with Storyworkshop 1 at no extra cost)

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Storyworkshop 1: Introduction to storytelling/Create-a-story workshop

Our most straight forward workshop, kids love it, fully engaging and entertaining to help it all sink in and stick (we have had kids come to a similar workshop a year later and actually be able to tell most of a story they heard performed in this from memory still!) The children are involved all the way through and by the end of the workshop have their very own story they have created. Follow on work suggestions for teachers available.

One hour or One and a half hour workshop session for between 10 and 40 students

Suited to ages 6 through 12


- sample story

- storytellers toolbox: what do you need to be a story teller?

- memory exercises & descriptive exercises & breath control

- guided story creation

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Storyworkshop 2: Create individual stories using storybones

A very creative workshop calling on participants to be fully engaged, great fun, everyone gets to tell a story at some point with the wonderful tool - storybones making it easy. Introduction to principles of storytelling to bolster confidence and give a good framework for stories. Follow on work suggestions available.

One and a half hour session for 6 to 30 students

ages 8 to 14 or great for adults with little experience of story or a sense of fun

- sample story

- what are stories for?

- what does a story need?

- Listening skills

- the world of story

- story bones tale creation

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Storyworkshop 3: Exploring traditional tales

A more detailed story workshop exploring different genres of traditional tales, find out what makes a classic dragon story, what is typically asked in a clever girl story, what's the nature of tom-tit-tot tales, what do you expect from magical helpers stories, and what is it that makes Mr Fox stories so brave. Examine these or other genres and what different stories are for. Excellent for those who may feel they're a little grown up for "little children's stories", fascinating, inspiring and educational. Follow up work suggestions available

3 or 4 one hour sessions in one day. Either 4 different classes each looking at a different genre or one class exploring three genres and then comparing them/looking at mixed genre stories in the last session.

Ages 7-12 and especially good for adults interested in story

- what are stories for?

- sample stories

- explore the genre (available genres: dragons, clever girl, jack, rumplestiltskin/tom-tit-tot, magical helpers/kindness begets loyalty, shape shifter/demi human, bluebeard/mr fox, just rewards, cinderellas, creation myths)

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Storyworkshop 4: The complete storytellers workshop day

Our most comprehensive but incredibly accessible story workshop. Fun and fascinating action packed day. This workshop teaches all you need to start confidently telling traditional tales yourself. Ideal for parents wanting to have great bonding bedtimes with their children to build their confidence in their storytelling abilities (everyone can) or become incredibly popular with other peoples kids as the one who can tell cool stories. Also fantastic for anyone interested in storytelling for friends, family or colleagues. Great for those who just find stories interesting and have no intention of performing after the workshop but want to learn more about what storytelling and stories are all about. Also brilliant for performing arts students to experience a specific category of performance not usually remembered in drama schools; for literature college students looking at stories from a different angle, creative writing courses to help inspire; can be run in arts centres or other venues as open to the public; or for private bookings. Great as teacher training; or even book it in your local theatre as a fundraiser events. The possibilities are endless...

A very full day's workshop eg: 9:30-5:30 or 10-6 (including lunch break and coffee breaks)

Suitable from ages 10upwards to any kind of adult with an interest in words, stories or performance.


- sample stories in various genres

- storytellers toolbox: what do you need to be a storyteller? & associated exercises

- talk like a storyteller: the words you use and how you use them

- group character/creature creation and story telling exercises

- what are stories for?

- what does every story need?

- getting into storyland

- story genres including discussion

- storytelling performance experience, tips and analysis

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