Catspaw Authentic Entertainment - v ery special entertainment for special events. Check out our workshops - especially the range of story workshops. Or make your party an event to go down in history with one of our shows from the Dark Ages, Medieval, Viking, Elizabethan periods. Our wedding listings offer something a little different for stag and hen and wedding entertainments.


Let your event go down in history!

Chose one of our historical banquet based shows; or be transported to another world.


Historically Based Shows

  • Elizabethan Extravagance - with music, dance and masque of the Elizabethan period. Fits with a plated meal.
  • The Dark Ages Feast - Full medieval entertainment: a skilled juggler, captivating stories, music, song, dance and ceremony. Fits around a meal of four or more courses (can be adapted to a buffet or hog roast). Our favorite.
  • Feast for Frigg - Tales and Ales, Runes and Tunes, Stories of Norse Gods, adventure and action; captivating music, and haunting melody; poetry and a great fun ceremony make up this popular show! Fits with a feast, a buffet or a plated meal.
  • Dark Ages story and song - Some of the earliest English tales with simple musical accompaniment. Great with simple food like a hog roast.
  • Lady Isobels Victorian Parlour Recital - Poetry, and prose, riddles and drama... and so much more


Other shows


General show information

Our shows as a whole cover large portions of history and a little more outside it. If you want entertainment respectful of the historic period from whence it is sourced these are the shows for you. From the early entertainment, the spoken word and simple music in Stories and Songs from the Dark Ages; through the Epic Viking Feast and our wonderful medieval show The Dark Ages Feast (no irritating jester, but a very talented juggler instead) to the glorious charm of the Elizabethan masque; and the literary extravagance of a Victorian parlour recital our shows vary widely in their appearance, as history itself does.

Our two non-historic shows are the Arabian Nights evening - dance, stories and music; and the Sylvan Fantasy - a commission performance piece of fairy tale and fantasy just waiting to be tailored to the grounds of somewhere very special.

The common elements in all our shows are quality, individuality and fun. In the case of all the historic entertainments authenticity is very important to us - we believe it sets us apart from main stream food fight and a jester banquet providers (not that we'd let our stickling for detail spoil your fun - it should just make it all the more enjoyable).

We are constantly on the look out for new details to add for added authenticity such as our authentic replica aquamanile used for the lavering ceremony in The Dark Ages Feast or the no-holes birch bark flute used by our musicians in Feast for Frigg. Costumes and instruments, as with all details, are appropriate to the time.

Most of the shows will fit with either a 4 course banquet (we can easily adapt to more courses - especially on the medieval where very many courses were the norm) or a buffet. For each of the shows, where food is required we supply details of how the performances interlock with and compliments the food, and appropriate menu recommendations especially detailing which common current foods would not have been available. We will liase with your caterers on the night and in advance to ensure everything fits perfectly.

If you chose, for an additional cost, we can source caterers and venue for you. You get all the pleasure and none of the stress. (Your Contract/payment will be direct with the other service providers). For complete cover of every aspect we are happy to work with your choice of wedding planner.

To book any of our shows please read the information on the page about that show and then email us at info at catspaw telling us which show you would are enquiring about, how many guests, where, when and particularly what the event is (we may be able to include relevant additional material in the entertainment if we know well in advance).