Catspaw Authentic Entertainment - v ery special entertainment for special events. Check out our workshops - especially the range of story workshops. Or make your party an event to go down in history with one of our shows from the Dark Ages, Medieval, Viking, Elizabethan periods. Our wedding listings offer something a little different for stag and hen and wedding entertainments.


Opulence and elegance are key to the Elizabethan and Jacobean periods. This is reflected throughout this show. Options of period costumed musicians and dancing, both displays and for your guests to join in, are avaiable. The full Elizabethan Extravagance experience includes a masque - a highly fashionable art form with captivating performances and costumes!

Elizabethan Extravagance and it's masque, music, dance and more is very popular for weddings as it provides a unique and very special show. Each and every time the masque is designed and tailored to the individuals requirements, usually based on classic masques of the day. Bride and groom may, if they chose, be participants in the masque, guests are invited to join the dancing - your imagination truly is your limit. Beauty and splendor abound. Our artisans will craft something utterly unique (we also have contacts for costume makers).

What could be more special for such a special day!

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