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This show includes medieval minstrelsy from the early middle ages (1350AD to1450AD). The Dark Ages Feast recreates the atmosphere and entertainment brought by a group of itinerant performers coming to your community with their period costumes and instruments.

An historical entertainment with music and dance, juggling and magic to be amazed by and stories to make you laugh and sigh. Forget the extravagance of the Royal Medieval Banquet with it's fat king and motley fool, this is The Peasants Pageant!


In this show the modern, stereotypical and anachronistic jester (they came later) is replaced by a talented medieval juggler. Some of the earliest recorded dances are led by Master Robert and his partner, there are also songs, stories and more. Welcome the group of wandering minstrels newly arrived in your village and let them earn that welcome by entertaining your community.

They will not only sing, dance, tell stories, show daring feats of dextrous skill but will also include such wonderful ceremonies as the procession of food, and the ceremonial lavering of hands. You may even come across religious relics! For weddings there are special songs for toasting both the bride and groom.


Originally designed to work around a four course medieval meal, this show can also be adapted to work with a buffet or other arrangements.


With the full four course show the banquet begins with the troupe in atmosphere mode: some play gentle background music whilst others tell fortunes, take on the guests at early board games and demonstrate historical craft skills.

A rousing song and a dazzling display of juggling and magic grab the guests attention before the first course is served and a short story from the troupes Talesman takes you to the second course.

The main course is accompanied by a set of medieval songs and a tale of heroic deeds and wonders with music and action from the troupe.

The sweets are graced with another display of magical dexterity.

Finally, we push back the tables and lead the guests in some medieval dances.

Menu recommendations and ideas are available. The show is well suited to weddings, we will co-ordinate with your other services (such as photographer) to help create a smooth day for you. It is also suited to any other celebration and gathering of friends set on merriment.


See more pictures of the DAF in action here


For those inclined to question the historic certainty of certain elements (recorded dances start at the very end of this historic period) we also offer the very simple : Stories and Songs from the Dark Ages.