Catspaw Authentic Entertainment - v ery special entertainment for special events. Check out our workshops - especially the range of story workshops. Or make your party an event to go down in history with one of our shows from the Dark Ages, Medieval, Viking, Elizabethan periods. Our wedding listings offer something a little different for stag and hen and wedding entertainments.

The Travelling Talesman

Classic Tales from mythology and legend

Tales from the Forge - Learn wisdom from the earliest magical transformation workers. Featuring Wayland the Smith and others smithies and metal workers from myth and legend. Ideally suited to tellings in forges, smithies or open air museums (or for family gatherings of Smiths).

St George and other dragon tails - Fearless heroes, wicked step parents, old kings, beautiful young princesses, magic swords and humungous scaly beasts with particularly noxious breath all combine to give you a thrilling evening. From the deserts of Egypt to the shores of Scotland fair maidens are in trouble with toothy worms demanding them as tasty snacks. But don't worry - the heroes are coming! Join the talesman, bestride your gallant charger, draw you magic sword and ride forth! Excellent for festivals, fayres, arts centres, private events, pubs, hotels and themed weddings.

The Travelling Talesman

Historic sets

Ancient Celtic Tales - an historic set ideal for iron-age roundhouse settings and other early historic sites.

Medieval Tales - another historic grouping, a selection of stories from medieval times. Very popular for themed weddings, banquets and any other medieval events. Available with musicians, dancers, juggler & full show.

Norse Heroes - Interlinked tales, each separate but related - for the first time (that we're aware of) all linked together in story performance. Bizarre viking adventures, frequently dipping into the supernatural but including and leading to actual historically recorded events. Filled with romance, action adventure, buddy movie style, and deep legends. Scattered withVikings, seafaring ships, piratical adventure, famous swords, magical interventions, the loyalty of good friends and, of course, Love. Taken from the Sagas from translations of Icelandic manuscripts, based on 11th & 13th C material which covered much earlier events, rooted in the original Oral tradition. Since then many of these tales have been re-versed by numerous poets through the ages. Excellent for parties, arts centres, literary festivals and especially long house or historic settings. Also available with extras a the Norse Story Stag. Available with musicians.

The Travelling Talesman

Norse Sets

Norse Heroes - as above

From The Creation to Ragnarock - The great cycle of Norse mythology.Tragedy of the gods. A collection interlinked tales. How little slights can eventually lead to tremendous retribution. However powerful and big, tricks played and feuds unfinished will come back and bite...hard. Available with additional musicians. 2hrs25min through 3hr45min

Odin and Thor - An evening with the all father and the thunderer. Two figures loom large in the pantheon of the Norse gods. Markedly different characters. One of warriors and poets, one of farmers and the ordinary man. Incorporating the creation cycle. Thor bringer of storms and thunder is the farmers friend and protector, Odin, bringing slain warriors to his hall of Valhalla is a restless seeker of knowledge and the god of the poet. Available with additional musicians. Between 2hr20min and 3hr30min

Odin - Odin - Restless seeker of knowledge. All Father. So you're a powerful God and you've created the worlds from the body of the giant you murdered - now what do you do ...? Live in them! But what if you know all your hard work is doomed to a fiery and violent end? Odin The All Father, creator of the 9 worlds knows the end is coming and so sets about a prolonged search for anything that will help fight the combined forces of giants, monsters and the just. plain wicked. Lead by his ex best mate, Loki. Runes, poetry and prophesies all play their part as he duels with giants in battles of wit. Journey from creation to destruction in one action packed evening. Available with additional musicians. Between 1hr10min and 3hr30min

Thor- The Thunderer. The peoples God. action stories. The scrapes Thor gets into (often with Lokis' help) and how he gets out of them again (often with giants in pools of blood). So you're the great Thor, owner of the hammer Mjolnir, the greatest treasures of the gods, slayer of giants.... So how come you find yourself dressed in a womans dress, flowers in your hair, surrounded by giants and with your hammer nowhere in sight. Come and find out what happened in this and others tales of Thor, the norse god of the common man, and of thunder. Available with additional musicians. Between 1 hour and 2hr50min.

Loki - The Trickster's stories - Mischievious, playful, irreverent, downright troublesome. Always ready to bring the gods down a peg or two with a practical joke. Keen to impress he inevitably goes a step too far and others suffer the consequences. Happy to do favours he'll do that bit more and be clever about it, leading to all manner of chaos and problems. You know the type, not really bad, just blessed with an overactive imagination and a strange sense of humour. Even once it's backfired they can't stop themselves. Sooner or later someone is going to loose their temper. Badly. How does such a fun character go from best mate of some of the greatest gods to a troubled and maligned torture victim?! Available with musicians. Between 1hr45min and 3hr10min.

The Travelling Talesman

Wedding specials

Classic Story Stags - Chose the macho heroic set of stories or heroic and romantic stories. An individual alternative to strippers or just loosing the evening in an alcoholic haze.

Norse Story stags - the great heroes of the mead hall. Available with additional options of rune casts for groom and best man (and other selected guests), "toast, boast or brag" ceremony (optionally including mead horn and mead) and norse leg wrestling games.

Hen Tails - Stories and poetry combine for a cultivated hen night entertainment of romance and clever girl tales. Romantic, fun, entertaining. Something rather more fun than just getting drunk and undignified. (or consider our Belly hens - shimmy and camel your way through your hen night. Can be combined for a very full evenings entertainment.)

Wedding stories - selected romantic tales of couples and families, some with a cautionary or lesson imparting element to head couples off on the best possible footing for their future. Make traditional folk wisdom a part of your special day for your happily ever after. Available with musicians or your choice of other Catspaw performers.


Cost vary dependent on location, timings, nature of event and set required but as a guide storyteller set (without additional musicians etc) will cost somewhere between 200 and 400 plus travel (and accomodation if required due to location and timing). Please email us with as many details as you can supply for an accurate quote and to check availability for your date.

* Timings: Story sets with times listed are maximum and minimum total story times for coherent sets eg: between 1hr40min and 3hr30min. The length within this time frame is set by which tales are included in the evenings telling. 1hour 40 minutes will give you the basic stories in the set, 3 hours 30 is the full set of all the stories, stories can be added to fit various times within this range. These times do not include breaks so please add extra time for an interval or breaks. (we suggest a short break every hour to hour and a half).