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Justyn Time, our favorite juggler, as featured in The Dark Ages Feast is also available as a solo act!

Justyn was chosen for the Dark Ages Feast after trialling a number of jesters and jugglers (some rather more reliable and personable than others). Justyn shone out. Chosen for his skill and talent at juggling, his chat and patter with the guests, and his generally charming nature. We think he's the best we've found and will happily sing his praises to anyone, but seldom have to once they've seen him. One client booked him for her works medieval ceilidh and was so impressed she insisted on having him at her wedding and chose the entertainment around fitting Justyn in.

His performance can encompass intimate table magic through to audience participation, amazing feats of balance and juggling involving all kinds of objects from eggs through to swords!

His costuming can be either the stylish black and white medieval bi-parti jesters outfit; top hat and tails for the smarter look, or the classic mime look in Stripey Joe. (Or if you need a different theme then he can be costumed to suit for cost).

Justyn works with the usual juggling tools you would expect and also with slack rope, fire clubs and the beautiful crystal balls.

We can't sing his praises enough in mere words so book him to be delighted for yourself...

(oh and click here to have a look at the pictures from just a couple of performances).